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Dry needling clinic companion app launched

The much anticipated ODNS Dry Needling Clinic Companion app is now available for qualified physios. This fantastic app contains an extensive library of high quality short videos showing the needling techniques and muscles that are covered in the ODNS Dry Needling...

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Who should decide what medical treatment you need?

What guarantees would we have of the quality, efficacy and safety of our health care if decisions on treatment were made by professionals who are not trained for this, or as a result of decisions made by corporates? That’s not a hypothetical question: this is...

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A letter to my husband’s physiotherapist

Perhaps you are just doing your job. You're putting your many years of training and experience into practice and earning a good living. But your nine o'clock client happens to be my husband of 17 years. A man I've watched change from cocky, bronzed watersports...

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